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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (120 units)

The Liberal Studies major provides a rich, rigorous cross-disciplinary liberal arts program of study. There are two programs in the major: 1) The Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) is for students intending to become teachers who wish to combine subject matter preparation for elementary teaching with coursework leading to a Multiple Subject teaching credential; 2) The Liberal Studies major (120 units) is for students who seek subject matter preparation for elementary teaching as preparation for a post-baccalaureate credential program to be completed separately from the bachelor’s degree.

General Education and the Liberal Studies Major

The General Education requirements for students majoring in Liberal Studies are unique. The Liberal Studies program is not only an approved major, but also an approved alternate general education program. In completing the Liberal Studies major, students concurrently satisfy their general education requirements. Students changing to another major from Liberal Studies, however, will be subject to the standard university General Education requirements and will want to consult the University Center for Undergraduate Advising for General Education advisement.


The Liberal Studies program is both a major and an approved General Education program. No course in the Liberal Studies Core or Concentration may be taken Credit/No Credit and no course used to meet Core requirements may be counted toward the Concentration.

In addition, 85 hours of approved service-learning in an elementary or middle school must be completed prior to graduation as a means of learning about cultural diversity in the community, about current problems besetting students in the public schools, about successful intervention strategies for students needing special attention, and about promotion of individual civic responsibility.

The Liberal Studies Program

The Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) combines the study of academic subject matter for elementary school teaching with professional preparation, fieldwork, and student teaching. Successful completion of ITEP includes both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Multiple Subject teaching credential.

The Liberal Studies program is designed for those students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree to prepare them in the academic subject areas relevant to elementary and special education teaching. The Liberal Studies Major is an approved pre-professional program of subject matter preparation consistent with the standards established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

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