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411. Assessment of Computer Technology Competency, Level I (1)

Appropriate only for students who are already proficient with the material in ETEC 444. Provides students with an opportunity to meet the California Level I computer technology requirement by a performance assessment. Two class meetings and online activities.
Credit/No Credit grading only.

435./535. Accessible Electronic and Information Technologies (3)

Prerequisite: Either ETEC 110, ETEC 411, ETEC 444 or consent of instructor.
Critical use, analysis and evaluation of computer applications of computer technologies for accessibility and usability for populations with diverse needs. Terminology, design principles, and applications of accessible technologies. Legal and ethical issues in developing or adopting accessible electronic and information technologies.
Letter grade only (A-F).

444. Computer Technology in Education, Level I (3)

Prerequisites: Course design assumes familiarity with topics introduced in ETEC 110.
Introduction to educational computer technology: resources and tools for professional use; strategies for integrating computers into teaching; applications to diverse learners; legal, ethical, and societal issues. Meets the Level I teaching credential computer technology standard.
(Seminar 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours)

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