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100. Fundamentals of Engineering Analysis (4)

Prerequisites: Appropriate ELM score, ELM exemption, or MAPB11.
Use of an application-oriented, hands-on approach to math topics in a variety of core engineering courses; analysis of experimental data; applications of MATLAB in solving engineering problems.
Letter grading only (A-F). (Lecture 3 hours , Laboratory 3 hours)

101. Introduction to the Engineering Profession (1)

Prerequisite: Freshman standing or consent of instructor.
Prerequisite/Corequisite: MATH 111 or MATH 113 or MATH 122
Freshman orientation seminar on careers in engineering. Speakers from various fields illustrate opportunities and challenges in the engineering profession.
(Lecture-problems 1 hour) Letter grade only (A-F).

102. Academic Success Skills (1)

Prerequisite: ENGR 101 with a grade of "C" or better.
Development of skills and identification of strengths and weaknesses for success in a COE major.
(Lecture 1 hour). Letter grade only (A-F).

123. Inventions and Innovations: Good, Bad, and Weird (3)

Use of language, thought, and logic in science, distinguishing scientific fact from science fiction. Critical review of technological achievements from ancient times to the present, from practical inventions to perpetual motion machines. Science, pseudoscience, and paranormal. Experimentation and witchcraft.
(Lecture-Problems 3 hours)

130. Health, Energy, Environment, Transportation (HEET) (3)

Prerequisites: Completion of high school classes in geometry, algebra, chemistry, and environmental sciences.
Introductory course in healthy environment requirements, renewable energy, elements green design, transport systems and management, economics, environmental impacts of transportation. Hybrid, module-based class, with simulations, interact exercises, design projects and assessments renewable energy, green design, water resources, and air quality.
Letter grade only (A-F). (Lecture 3 hours)

170. Introduction to Solid Modeling and Engineering Graphics (2)

Prerequisites: Knowledge of geometry and intermediate algebra.
Introduction to part modeling, solid models, detail drawings with dimensioning and assembly modeling using SolidWorks software. Focuses on project-based learning, which organizes learning around complete projects.
Letter grade only (A-F). (Lecture-problems 1 hour, Lab 2 hours)

200H. Introduction to Engineering Honors Program (1)

Prerequisites: ENGR101 and ENGR 102.
Engineering honors program organization and procedures. Introduction to professional societies, technical communication, team-building, networking, and other engineering career-advancing skills. Participating in community engagement activities.
Credit/No Credit grading only.

203. Engineering Problems and Analysis (3)

Prerequisite: MATH 122 with a grade of "C" or better;
Corequisite: ENGR 203L.
Formulation of engineering problems and methods for their analysis. Application of vectors, matrices, derivatives and intregration into engineering problems. Computer aided analysis using MATLAB, MathCad, etc.
(Lecture - Problems hours) Letter grade only (A-F).

203L. Engineering Problems and Analysis

Laboratory (1)
Prerequisite: MATH 122 with a grade of "C" or better;
Corequisite: ENGR 203.
Computer-based exercises on fundamental concepts such as vectors, matrices, derivatives, integrals. Practical engineering problems are assigned and solved using MATLAB.
(Laboratory 3 hours) Letter grade only (A-F).

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