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Certificate in Legal Studies

This certificate is designed for students who are interested in the study of law as a cultural product and as a field of critical inquiry. It is not a professional program in para-legal education. The certificate may be earned in conjunction with any baccalaureate degree. Courses taken in the program may be used to satisfy major, minor, other credential or general education requirements. No more than 12 units, however, may be in the candidate's major.

The Legal Studies Certificate may be earned concurrently with or following the award of the baccalaureate degree from CSULB or another accredited institution. Please be aware that this program is not eligible for Financial Aid unless pursued concurrently with a degree program.


24 total units distributed as follows:

1. Foundation Course – 3 units which must include one of the following: CRJU 350 Constitutional Criminal Procedure; HIST 308 Law and Civilization; HIST 479 US Constitution: Origins & Early Development; PHIL 352 Philosophy of Law; POSC 311 Constitutional Law: Powers; POSC 312 Constitutional Law: Rights.

2. Breadth Courses – 21 units selected from the Legal Studies Courses listed below. The courses taken in the program must be from a minimum of three departments. The selection of courses is made by the student in consultation with the program director.

3. Optional Project Paper – 3 units which can be included as part of the 21 breadth units. The paper may consist of original or secondary research related to law or the legal system broadly speaking. It may only be written during the senior year as part of a 3-unit independent study or directed research course supervised by a faculty member participating in the program. At the beginning of the semester in which the paper is written, the student must submit a copy of the independent study or directed research agreement, signed by the supervising professor, to the program director. At the end of the semester, the student must submit a copy of the completed paper to the program director.

Legal Studies Courses

ASAM 346; AFRS 332; AIS 485; BLAW 220; BLAW 320; CHLS 362; CLSC 410; COMM 441; CRJU 301; CRJU 340; CRJU 350; CRJU 420; CRJU 430; ECON 355; HIST 308; HIST 479; HIST 489; JOUR 430; PHIL 352; PHIL 451; POSC 311; POSC 312; POSC 376; POSC 412; POSC 414; PSY 495; SOC 342; SW 350; WGSS 308.

Legal Studies

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