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Graduate Certificate in Urban Executive Management

This program is designed to serve the post‑graduate executive development needs of men and women aspiring to top level positions in city and county governments. The goal of this program is to provide urban executives with a comprehensive knowledge of strategic planning processes; dynamics of human relations; strategies for implementing policies; consensus building techniques; and economic and financial forces impacting on local governments.

Students may only pursue the certificate program in combination with a CSULB degree program.


In addition to the general admission requirements, applicants for the graduate certificate in Urban Executive Management should have significant upper level management experience in Public Administration, and a minimum of 10 years of progressively responsible management experience in government.


1. A minimum of 18 course units in graduate course work, including 3 required and 3 elective courses.

2. Satisfactory completion of the following

  • PPA 542 Emergency Planning and Management (3)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • PPA 547 Local Government Economic Development Processes (3)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • PPA 571 Leadership Skills and Strategies in the Public Sector (3)
    Prerequisites: None.

3. Satisfactory completion of 3 elective courses selected from the following:

  • PPA 512, PPA 525, PPA 533, PPA 535, PPA 550, PPA 555, PPA 560, PPA 575, PPA 577, PPA 610

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