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Minor in Forensic Studies

This minor provides students with an understanding of the nature of criminal evidence and an appreciation of how forensic investigative methods are used in quest for justice. It is particularly useful for students majoring in engineering, the natural sciences, the social sciences, art, and various human services disciplines. The minor may be combined any major at CSULB, although criminal justice majors may not "double count" CRJU 230, CRJU 412, CRJU 430, CRJU 440, CRJU 441, CRJU 442, CRJU 443, CRJU 490, or CRJU 492 for credit towards their major elective courses and the minor in forensic studies.


The minor in forensic studies requires completion of a minimum of twenty-seven (27) units as follows:

1. Completion of six (6) units of the following required prerequisite courses with grades of "C" or higher:

  • CRJU 101 The Criminal Justice System in Society (3)
    Prerequisites/Corequisites: One GE Foundation course.
  • CRJU 110 Introduction to Justice Research, Writing, and Reasoning (3)
    Prerequisites/Corequisites: ENGL 100 or GE Composition (Area A1).

2. Completion of fifteen (15) units of the following required core classes:

  • CRJU 230 Survey of the Forensic Sciences (3)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • CRJU 301 Criminal Courts and Judicial Processes (3)
    Prerequisites/Corequisites: CRJU 101 and CRJU 110 (may be taken concurrently).
  • CRJU 350 Constitutional Criminal Procedure (3)
    Prerequisites: CRJU 101, CRJU 110, and CRJU 301.
  • CRJU 412 Criminal Investigation (3)
    Prerequisites: CRJU 101, CRJU 110, and CRJU 302.
  • CRJU 440 Criminalistics: Forensic Science in the Crime Laboratory (3)
    Prerequisites: CRJU 230 or consent of instructor.

3. Completion of six (6) units of forensic electives from the following options:

  • CRJU 430, CRJU 441, CRJU 442, CRJU 443, CRJU 490, CRJU 492 or any approved applied forensics courses offered in a related discipline.

Each course in the minor must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. In addition, a course in which a grade lower than "C" is received must be retaken and successfully completed prior to enrolling in a course for which it is a prerequisite.

Students who would like to declare the minor in forensic studies must have completed the two prerequisite courses (CRJU 100, 110) and have an overall G.P.A. of 2.5. Alternative admission requirements may apply during times when the school is impacted.

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