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Option in Finance (120 units)

**The below information has been altered from the published version of the catalog. FIN 300, must be taken at CSULB. A list of differences in the online and published version of the catalog is available. **

The Finance option provides an understanding of the role of finance in the corporate and international environment and an understanding of investments at both the corporate and personal level. This option provides an understanding of the role of finance in a business context, including the development of a comprehension of business ethics.

Students must take at least 51% of total required Finance units (for Finance Option), including FIN 300, at CSULB.

Core Requirements

Take the following courses:

  • FIN 350 Investment Principals (3)
    Prerequisites: FIN 300, ACCT 201.
  • FIN 400 Intermediate Financial Management (3)
    Prerequisites: ACCT 202; FIN 300, and IS 301.

Select 4 additional courses, with at least 3 courses at the 400-level, from the following courses:

  • FIN 310, FIN 330, FIN 340, FIN 360, FIN 450, FIN 460, FIN 470, FIN 480, FIN 485, FIN 490, FIN 495, FIN 497, FIN 499A, FIN 499B.

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