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Freshman Applicants

Preparation and Eligibility

California State University, Long Beach continues to be the 'University of Choice' for a talented and diverse group of California's best and brightest students. CSULB continues to receive more first-time freshman applicants than can be accommodated. To maintain the academic quality of CSULB academic programs and services, supplemental admissions criteria, are applied to first-time freshman applicants. First-time freshmen must:

  • Apply on time. Apply between October 1 and November 30.
  • Take the SAT 1 or ACT no later than December and request scores be sent to CSULB as soon as they are available.
  • Complete the CSU required 15 unit college preparatory "a-g" subjects prior to graduation.
  • Perform well – earn the best grades possible (including the senior year).
  • Pursue a back up plan should they not be offered admission to CSULB.

The offer of admission is confirmed when the university verifies that they have a CSULB qualifiable minimum eligibility index and will have completed the comprehensive pattern of college preparatory "a-g" subjects.

The university has no current plans to include the writing scores from either of the admissions tests in the computation of the CSU Eligibility Index.

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