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Section Eight - College of Continuing and Professional Education

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Special Sessions

Special Sessions resident credit courses and degree programs taught by regular and adjunct CSULB faculty are offered in Winter Session and other formats throughout the year and are administered by CCPE. All Special Sessions courses are regular University courses; any course in the University Catalog may be offered through CCPE. Academic departments, in consultation from Academic Affairs, can propose through their departments to offer a certificate program or an entire undergraduate or graduate degree program in a Special Sessions format administered by CCPE. Special Sessions courses and/or degree programs can be offered entirely online or through other distance delivered technologies as well as through face-to-face instruction at off-campus domestic or international sites. (Students in these Special Sessions degree programs must matriculate with CSULB and may apply only 24 units of Special Sessions credit prior to matriculation. There are no limits to the number of Special Sessions credit units that can be applied toward a degree following a student's matriculation.)

Please note that all Special Sessions courses follow the same curriculum, rules, policies and guidelines as those established and monitored for all State-supported courses.

All CCPE programs are supported by the participating students on a per unit fee basis. Fees are appropriately established in order to cover all the costs of instruction and delivery. CCPE receives no state-supported funds to operate any of its programs.

Section 8: College of Continuing and Professional Education
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