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Section Seven - Articulation

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University Articulation

The university articulation coordinator has overall responsibility for the effective functioning of the internal articulation process and external communications of policy, primarily with the California Community Colleges, but also with the other campuses in the CSU, campuses of the University of California, and with private institutions.

The university articulation coordinator has overall responsibility for all aspects of articulation with other colleges and universities. The university articulation coordinator is responsible for the preparation of all university reports and correspondence on articulation matters, although it is expected that departments and schools will have well-established, collegial communication with the local institutions with which formal articulation agreements have been made. The university articulation coordinator is also responsible for maintenance of the university course articulation databases (PeopleSoft and ASSIST).

The university articulation coordinator maintains close liaison with the director of University Outreach and School Relations, whose duties include the dissemination of general information about the university to regional high schools and community colleges. The director of University Outreach and School Relations, in the process of maintaining inter-institutional relations, may from time to time learn of matters concerning the articulation of courses between academic departments and should immediately notify the university articulation coordinator of these matters. The university articulation coordinator shall keep the director of University Outreach and School Relations apprised of articulation agreements in effect.

College/Department Articulation

College/departmental articulation is organized according to departmental and college policies. Involved faculty should be familiar with the lower-division course portfolio of the department and with the articulation process in general. The chairs of departments should maintain open communications between themselves and their counterparts in the community colleges and other institutions of higher education. Within each college/department, faculty will be assigned as the college or department articulation reviewers. Courses for potential articulation agreements will be evaluated by the designated articulation reviewer and endorsed by the associate dean.

Articulation Process

The CSULB articulation process is designed for course-to- course articulations, and all other articulation-related agreements and literature are predicated on it. Because CSULB and community college enrollment management and transfer student processes are facilitated when students can transfer from the community college with all lower-division major requirements completed or appropriately patterned, the university hopes that the relationships between CSULB departments and the colleges will result in as many articulation agreements as possible of the lower-division requirements of our majors.

Articulation agreements may be initiated by external colleges or by CSULB faculty.

The university articulation coordinator, acting as principal point of contact for requests for articulation of courses received from other institutions, ensures that CSULB has an up-to-date copy of the college catalog (also available at and college course outlines for those courses for which articulation is desired.

The college or department articulation reviewer will be responsible for evaluating courses using these course outlines or catalog descriptions for comparability to CSULB courses. Any course outline referred to the department reviewer from the Academic Programs and Articulation Office will be attached to an "Articulation Form" that provides the college name and course name and number, along with the corresponding CSULB course for potential articulation agreement. The reviewer will indicate approval or disapproval of the agreement, sign the form, and forward it on to the associate dean for approval. Upon receipt in the Academic Programs and Articulation Office, the university articulation coordinator ensures that the agreement is formally communicated and recorded and that all computer systems are expeditiously updated.

A CSULB department that wishes to initiate articulation for a course(s) at another community college should contact the university articulation coordinator. The offices of Enrollment Services and Academic Programs and Articulation have developed a simple process to facilitate such requests.

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