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Section Seven - Articulation

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Response Time

Timely responses to articulation requests are important. Departments requiring additional information should always relay this information to the university articulation coordinator, because this person has contact with the requesting institution on a variety of courses. Requests for additional materials should be made promptly.


Colleges/departments are given thirty days in which to respond to a college's request or to review tentative agreements forwarded to them by the university articulation coordinator. Failure of a department to respond within the normal time period requires that the university articulation coordinator make the determination for the course in question. The department reviewer will receive notice during the 30-day review period that the articulation agreement will be assumed in cases of no response from the department. Under normal conditions, the university articulation coordinator will complete and sign single-course articulation agreements and record articulation agreements with the community colleges only on the recommendation of the department reviewers and endorsement by the associate deans.

Section 7: Articulation
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