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Section Seven - Articulation

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Major-to-Major Articulation

An "articulation-by-major" refers to a set of agreements for most or all of the lower division requirements for the major. CSULB does not articulate majors-to-majors, but it does attempt to establish complete sets of course-to- course articulations which fill out the lower-division requirements of the major.

Articulation by major is the by-product of course-to- course articulations for major requirements and prerequisites. The lower-division requirements of our majors are on file in the computer. When a specific course is articulated, that fact is registered throughout the computer files so that, whatever the discipline, whether the course is a major requirement, alternative requirement, elective, or service course, its articulated status is stated. Major-to-major "articulations" are particularly valuable for the community college student, especially because it is only through the articulation systems that a student can be sure of the transferability and acceptance of his or her coursework toward the requirements of the degree.

Section 7: Articulation
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