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Section Seven - Articulation

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Section 7 - Articulation

This section is concerned with the processes and policies for establishing agreements on lower-division courses of other institutions that may be used in lieu of CSULB lower-division courses. This process is called "articulation." Articulation is mandated among Title 5 institutions to minimize the loss of academic credit when a student transfers from one institution to another, principally from community colleges to four-year institutions.


The articulation process provides a structure wherein the faculty of other accredited colleges and universities and of CSULB are able to ensure a reasonable transferability of courses from one institution to another. Of particular concern is the transfer of lower-division courses from community colleges to CSULB, especially those lower-division courses required in the baccalaureate programs. Articulation is based on the following premises:

  • That students who have conscientiously pursued an educational plan at one institution based on the published requirements for a degree at CSULB should be able to transfer approved (articulated) courses taken for credit toward that degree without unreasonable loss of credit or time.

  • That the faculty of the academic programs at CSULB have the primary responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the academic program and, therefore, for determining when requirements and courses completed at other institutions are "sufficiently equivalent to constitute satisfaction of" or "may be used in lieu of" CSULB requirements and courses.

  • That the faculty, by virtue of their knowledge of subject matter and educational principles, are best qualified to judge on matters of equivalency.

  • That among accredited institutions there will ordinarily be a high degree of correspondence and equivalency between programs of the same type and, therefore, a high degree of reciprocity will normally exist.

The articulation process is carried out by the university articulation coordinator, the college/department articulation reviewers, and the associate deans.

Section 7: Articulation
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