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Section Six - General Education

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Course Recertification

A department’s courses approved for General Education credit will be reviewed periodically. Typically, the standard period between reviews is seven (7) years.

GE course recertification was integrated into a department’s program review cycle using the “Departmental Model of GE Skills Assessment.” Previously, course recertification was based on the review of individual course proposals review compliance with the designation’s subject area criteria. Under this new model all departmental general education offerings will be reviewed for recertification at the same time.

The “Departmental Model of GE Skills Assessment” focuses on the department’s ongoing assessment of the essential general education skills in the department’s general education approved courses. This model of “course recertification” is based on the assumption that a general education course after initial approval is awarded “lifetime approval” by remaining in “good standing” via the outlined process in the “Departmental Model of GE Skills Assessment”. Courses failing to maintain a “good standing” will be General Education (GE) decertified.

Section 6: General Education
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