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Section Six - General Education

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Course Approval Process

  • 1. A request for GE approval originates in one of three places: 1) at the department level; 2) college level (college-based courses); or 3) at the university level via CEPC (e.g. University Honors Program or other university-level course). A course proposal specifically for General Education is prepared. The course proposal must explicitly outline and assess General Education learning outcomes. The Essential General Education Student Learning Outcomes are located on the General Education Program web site.


  • 2. The GE course proposal is reviewed by Department Curriculum Committee and Department Chair. If the course proposal is approved, then the Department Chair forwards it to the College Curriculum Committee for review.


  • 3. The College Curriculum Committee reviews the GE course proposal. If the course proposal is approved it is then forwarded to the College Dean (or designee).


  • 4. After reviewing and signing off, the College Dean (or designee) forwards the GE Course Proposal to the General Education Governing Committee (GEGC) (a standing committee of the Curriculum and Educational Policies Council (CEPC). The Department Chair is copied on the transmittal to the GEGC.


  • 5. GE course proposals approved by the department and college curriculum committees are submitted electronically by the College Dean (or designee) to the GEGC Chair via the Office of Undergraduate Studies.


  • 6. The GEGC reviews the GE course proposal (written materials that are submitted). The GEGC Chair places the GE course proposal on a meeting agenda; department, college and Deans (or designees) are notified of the meeting date/time/location. Departments are not required to attend the GEGC meeting. If the GEGC requires more information, the department will be invited to the next meeting. Should the GEGC Chair anticipate a need for clarification, representatives for the proposal will be invited to attend the initial meeting. GEGC reviews the GE course proposal.


  • 7. GE course proposal actions include: 1) approval of a new course; 2) reconfirmation of an already approved course; 3) reclassification of an already approved course (addition or deletion of classification); 4) pend an action to request additional information from the Department; 5) decertification of an already approved course; and 6) denial of approval of a course.


  • 8. GEGC course proposal final actions are reflected in the GE Supplement for that semester. The GE Supplement is a report of GEGC actions/recommendations in regards to courses on the General Education Master Course List reviewed during that semester.


  • 9. The GE Supplement is forwarded to CEPC for review prior to the end of each semester. If approved, it is forwarded to the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs for final action.


  • 10. After the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs’ approval, the approved changes are updated on the GE Master Course List twice each academic year. The GE Master Course List is maintained by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and Advising. If the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs does not approve the GE Supplement, the Supplement is returned to the CEPC for revision.


  • 11. Courses new to general education are effective on the GE Master Course List the next semester after approval. For courses continuing on the GE Master Course List that request a change of any type , the effective date of the approval will be one (1) year after the approval.


  • 12. Departments with courses on the GE Master Course List must report ongoing progress in their annual assessment reports.


  • 13. Departments undergoing program review must complete the specific questions within the “Elements of the Self Study for Program Review of Degree Granting Programs.
Section 6: General Education
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