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Section Five - Academic Program Review

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6.1 A self-study shall be prepared in accordance with the guidelines in the CSULB Curriculum Handbook.

6.2 For programs or units with nationally recognized accreditation, the self-study prepared for accreditation shall normally be accepted by the College Dean or appropriate administrator and the Division of Academic Affairs for satisfaction of this requirement.

The self-study is a document prepared by the program or unit addressing the Elements of the Self Study. The self-study is a collaborative effort of all the members of the program or unit under review. The entire personnel of the program or unit, including faculty, professional staff, and students, should participate in some aspect of the self-study process. The program or unit must allow faculty and professional staff members the opportunity to review and comment on the self-study before forwarding the self-study to the college dean or appropriate administrator.

The program or unit gathers data required for the Elements of the Self Study, then analyzes past program review reports, memoranda of understanding, and assessment reports in crafting its self-studies. All programs or units collect information on the goals for student learning outcomes, the assessment of student learning, and how the program unit has used assessment data to make improvements. Information supplied by the Office of Institutional Research or other campus units should also be analyzed.

The self-study should address all of the academic offerings of the program or unit. If a program offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees, both normally should be addressed in the self-study. Other offerings of the program, such as minors, certificates, credentials, or general education courses, as well as distance learning, should also be included in the self-study. It is assumed that all academic degrees offered by a program will be reviewed at the same time, unless the program requests otherwise and the college dean approves the request.

The body of the self-study report should not exceed 50 double-spaced pages (not including appendices, which should not exceed 20 pages). The self-study for academic support units should not exceed 30 single-spaced, one-sided pages.

An academic program or unit with national accreditation may request that a self-study prepared for the purpose of accreditation be accepted, in whole or in part, as fulfilling the requirement for the self-study for University program review. The request will normally be approved by the college dean or appropriate administrator and the appropriate administrator in the Office of the Provost. However, the program or unit may be required to submit additional information to address the topics in the Elements of the Self-Study or to fulfill requirements set by the Chancellor’s Office and / or the campus.

After the self-study is complete, it is forwarded to the college dean or appropriate administrator for approval. The dean or administrator approves the self-study and notifies the program or unit to send out the document in electronic form to the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and to the Office of Program Review and Assessment. An additional copy should be provided to the University Archives.

Self-studies originally developed for accreditation should be provided in electronic form (if possible) to the Director of Program Review and Assessment.

Section 5: Academic Program Review
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