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Section Five - Academic Program Review

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11.1 Each year, within a timeframe of June 1 to October 1, all degree-granting programs and all academic support units (with or without nationally recognized accreditation) will provide an annual report to the Division of Academic Affairs and the College Dean or appropriate administrator. The annual report will provide a brief summary of the progress made towards accomplishing the actions stated in the MOU as well as relevant changes since the last program review and/or annual report. Within six weeks of receiving the annual report, the Division of Academic Affairs will provide a response which contains at least the ways by which the Division has provided support for the program or unit to achieve progress toward the objectives of the MOU. The Self Study may be substituted for the annual report during the self-study year.

The annual report is a brief report on progress made toward accomplishing the actions listed in the MOU. A sample annual report is included in the Appendix. The annual report is provided by the program or unit each academic year to the college dean or appropriate administrator and the Division of Academic Affairs. The annual report provides continuity over time. A copy of the annual report will be kept on file in the program or unit, the College, the Division of Academic Affairs, and the University Archives. The response from the Division of Academic Affairs will also be distributed to the program or unit, the College, and University Archives.

Section 5: Academic Program Review
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