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Section Five - Academic Program Review

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Academic Program Review

Policy Statement 10-12 “Policy on Program Review” was recommended by the Academic Senate on October 21, 2010 and approved by the President on October 27, 2010. Supersedes Policy Statement 5-11.

In a university dedicated to becoming an effective teaching and learning organization, all academic programs and units engage in self-assessment and continuous improvement. A program review is a periodic report to the University on these activities underway in academic programs and units. Program review looks not only back at what has occurred since the last review, but also provides the context for future planning by the faculty and staff members of the program or unit.

In the following pages, the title of the relevant section of the Academic Senate policy on program review appears first in bold, followed by additional information on implementation of each section.


Inquiry is a driving force in higher education. It motivates the work of individual scholars as well as the endeavors of academic programs. Applying inquiry at a program level is essential for the university to become a learning - as well as a teaching - organization.

No process of program review that is merely a periodic, isolated response to external demands can be successful. Program review will be useful only to the extent that it is a systematic, developmental, ongoing process of inquiry conducted by academic programs for their own improvement. A continuous process that focuses on helping students to meet learning outcomes can also aid academic programs in planning for both the short and long range, in developing curricular offerings, in documenting successes, and in substantiating resource needs. It is in this context that the Academic Senate policy on Program Review was adopted. The following curriculum handbook is designed to provide guidance through specific elements of that policy.

Section 5: Academic Program Review
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