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Section 3: Program Discontinuance

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Suspension and Reinstatement of Programs

From time to time it may become necessary for new enrollment in an academic program to be temporarily suspended because of a lack of qualified faculty, lack of student interest, or because of a reduction in budget. Suspension of a program is proposed and approved in accordance with Policy Statement 11-05, Discontinuance of Academic Programs.

The suspension of an academic program means that students will not be admitted to the program for a specified time.

Temporary suspension of an academic program may be requested by the program faculty, the dean of the college housing the program, or the Office of the Provost. Regardless of the initiator of the request for suspension of an academic program, consultation shall take place among the faculty, dean, and the Office of the Provost prior to any decision on suspension. Final decisions on suspension of academic programs are the responsibility of the Office of the Provost.

Upon suspension approval, the department or college notifies the Curriculum Office for notation in the University catalog.

Suspension of an academic program will be for a minimum of one academic year and a maximum of three academic years. Decisions to suspend an academic program should be finalized at least 30 days before the beginning of the next admission cycle (September 1 for fall admission and July 1 for spring admission.) To address Admission issues regarding the suspended program, the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services should be notified by the college once the suspension has completed the above-mentioned approval process.

A decision to end the suspension of an academic program (re-open admission) shall follow the same consultative process that led to initial suspension.

Section 3: Program Discontinuance
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