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Section 3: Program Discontinuance

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IV. Safeguards for Students, Faculty and Staff

  • 4.100 If the President's response to the Academic Senate's recommendation is a decision to discontinue or suspend an academic program, students shall be given thirty (30) days to declare their interest in completing that program. Thereafter, no additional students shall be admitted to the program except by permission of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. To give students a fair opportunity either to complete the program or to transfer to another program or university, the actual termination process should be phased over a reasonable period of time. The steps of the termination process and the schedule for its implementation shall be included in the official announcement of the intended discontinuation.

  • 4.200 Safeguards for faculty and staff are contained within the appropriate memoranda of understanding between the Board of Trustees and the exclusive bargaining agents.

In addition to the request to discontinue an academic program, please submit the University Resources Council (URC) form "Proposal for Program, Degree or Certificate Discontinuance." The "Discontinuance Program Proposal" form can be found on this page.

Section 3: Program Discontinuance
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