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Section 3: Program Discontinuance

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III. Review of Recommendations

  • 3.100 The Chair of the Academic Senate shall have five (5) working days to transmit the recommendations of the study panel simultaneously to all appropriate University Councils and to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. The directly affected departments may forward comments and further information to the Councils within ten (10) working days.

  • 3.200 The University Councils shall have thirty (30) working days to forward their recommendations to the Academic Senate.
  • 3.210 The Curriculum and Educational Policies Council, or Teacher Preparation Committee, as appropriate, shall prepare a report that includes an evaluation of the effect of each proposed action on other programs and on the overall ability of the university to fulfill its mission, as well as other relevant issues.

  • 3.220 In addition, the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs may forward her/his recommendations to the Academic Senate.

  • 3.300 The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate shall collect the recommendations from the Discontinuance Study Panel, the Councils, and the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and shall prepare a summary to be distributed to the Senate along with the individual recommendations. The Executive Committee may suggest wording for appropriate motions, for action by the Academic Senate. The Academic Senate shall have twenty (20) working days to consider these materials and make its own recommendations. Thereafter, all materials bearing on the study-and-review process shall be transmitted to the President.

  • 3.310 Any time a program discontinuance would result in the layoff of tenured or tenure track faculty, the Provost must appear before the Senate to present reasons for the discontinuance before the program is discontinued.

  • 3.400 The President's decision shall be made known within twenty (20) working days to the directly affected departments and the Academic Senate.
Section 3: Program Discontinuance
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