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Section 3: Program Discontinuance

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II. Program Discontinuance Study

  • 2.100 When notified of the need for a Discontinuance Study panel, the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate, with the advice of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, shall select a Discontinuance Study panel of at least seven (7) full-time probationary and tenured faculty members.
  • 2.110 No member of the directly affected department(s) or discipline(s) shall serve on the panel while it is considering possible discontinuance of that program. If this leaves fewer than five (5) members available to serve, replacement members shall be named to the panel, by the same process as was used to form the original panel. At least three (3) members of the panel (or subgroup of the panel) considering a given program shall be from outside the College primarily responsible for offering the program.

  • 2.200 When a program discontinuance study has been officially requested as described in Section 1.400, the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs shall refer the proposal to the Discontinuance Study Panel.

  • 2.210 The Discontinuance Study Panel shall evaluate all proposed program discontinuances referred to it according to the procedures detailed below. The Panel shall respond explicitly to the reasons given by the appropriate body or individual for requesting the program discontinuance. The panel shall make a recommendation for each program being considered, giving the reasons for the recommendation. If several programs are being considered at the same time, the panel may list relative priorities for actions.

  • 2.220 In making its recommendations, the program discontinuance study panel shall consider previous internal and external program reviews, and shall make explicit all other criteria and evidence which it uses in arriving at its recommendation.

  • 2.230 The study panel shall conduct its proceedings in public session except that in issues of personnel the study panel may meet in executive session. All interested parties, particularly students enrolled in the program, shall be given reasonable opportunity to present information they consider relevant to the question. The panel shall have access to the data necessary to render an informed judgment, subject to the constraints imposed by the Public Records Act*.
    • * Government Code, Chapter 3,5, Inspection of Public Records 6254. Except as provided in Section 6254.7, nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require disclosure of records that are any of the following . . .(c) Personnel, medical, or similar files, the disclosure of which would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

  • 2.300 The study panel may recommend that the program be (a) discontinued; (b) discontinued unless specified conditions can be met; (c) suspended; (d) continued; (e) limited in size; (f) offered in whole or in part only through the College of Continuing and Professional Education; (g) combined with another CSULB program; (h) offered jointly with one or more other CSU campuses. The panel may make other recommendations as appropriate.

  • 2.310 If the panel recommends discontinuance or suspension, the report shall specify reasonable mechanisms to permit students enrolled in the program to complete their degrees.

  • 2.320 If the panel recommends suspension, the report shall include a recommendation about conditions for reactivation of the program and about the maximum time to be allowed before the program must either be reactivated or discontinued.

  • 2.400 The study panel shall forward its recommendations in writing, supported by a summary of the evidence, to the Office of the Academic Senate, with copies to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, the Dean of the college in which the program is offered, and the chair(s) of the affected department(s), within one semester of receiving its charge under section 1.400.


Section 3: Program Discontinuance
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