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Section 2: Program Development and Approval

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Title Change of Existing Degree Program or Credential

The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies will determine whether a title change to an existing program can be considered minor. If so, an approval memo will be distributed.

In most instances, changing the title of a degree program or credential will require campus and system-wide approval. What may seem to be a simple change in title may be viewed as a new degree. For example, a change from a B.A. to a B.S. or an M.A. to an M.S., or vice versa, is actually a new degree. Consult with Academic Programs and Articulation (AS-124, x.5-8221) to determine if the proposed program title change requires campus or system-level approval.

In general, any change to the main degree title (e.g., B.A. in English) will require campus and system-wide approval following the guidelines in the degree title change link below.

A change to an existing Option title will be processed and approved on campus. The exact process for a change to an option title will be determined based on whether the change is considered minor.

For further information on a title change, go to:

For further information on a degree designation change, go to:

When campus approval is required, in addition to the proposal information, please submit the University Resources Council (URC) form "Proposal for Program, Degree or Certificate Name Change."


Section 2: Program Development and Approval
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