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Section 2: Program Development and Approval

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Fast Track Process

In the standard proposal process, a campus must submit for trustee approval a proposed degree projection on the campus academic plan and, subsequent to trustee approval of the projection, the campus may begin developing a degree proposal that will be submitted to the Office of the Chancellor for system-level review and approval. In the standard process, proposals are to be submitted in the academic year preceding planned implementation.

The fast-track process shortens the time to implementation by allowing proposals to be submitted at the same time that the projection is proposed to the trustees. Fast-track proposals still undergo system-level review, and the fast-track does not move the proposal through an expedited review process either on campus or at the system level. Only new degree programs are eligible for fast-track; degree options, certificates, minors, and sub-options do not qualify. To be proposed via fast-track, a degree program must meet all the following six criteria:

  • 1. can be offered at a high level of quality by the campus within the campus' existing resource base, or there is a demonstrated capacity to fund the program on a self-support basis;

  • 2. is not subject to specialized accreditation by an agency that is a member of the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors, or is currently offered as an option or sub-option that is already recognized and accredited by an appropriate specialized accrediting agency;

  • 3. can be adequately housed without a major capital outlay project;

  • 4. is consistent with all existing state and federal law and trustee policy;

  • 5. is either a bachelor's or master's degree program; and

  • 6. has been subject to a thorough campus review and approval process.

If the new program request meets all of the fast track process criteria, then a statement detailing why the proposal merits fast-track consideration should be prepared. The department or program shall prepare a comprehensive packet of materials including:

  • the program proposal in template format, including the Faculty Check List,
  • a fast-track statement,
  • a completed "Coversheet for Program Projection, Implementation and Major Program Change" form (Attachment 2.3), and
  • a completed "Fast-Track Proposal for New Degree" form (Attachment 2.6).
Section 2: Program Development and Approval
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