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Section 1: Curricular Authority and Publications

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The Curriculum Handbook was designed to provide an explanation of procedures and processes inherent to the management of the University curriculum. It provides definitions of curricular terminology used on this campus and guidance for the development, initiation, management, modification, and discontinuation of all elements of the curriculum.


The development and approval of curriculum is a collegial process with responsibility shared by the faculty, the administration, the President of the University, the Chancellor of the California State University (CSU), and the Trustees of the CSU. Responsibility for intellectual content of the curriculum and its constituent courses, including the requirements governing curricula and courses, resides primarily with the faculty, both as individual teachers and as members of department and college committees, the several faculty Councils and the Academic Senate. College deans exercise administrative responsibility for the implementation of the curricula, including immediate responsibility for staff and physical resources. The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies has the authority for overall administration of the curriculum.

The President of the University has recommending authority over degree programs and approval authority for some degree program Options, Minors, Emphases, Concentrations, and Certificates. Authority for modification to instructional programs is defined by the nature of the modification. Some modifications may require review in the Office of the Chancellor, while others may be approved by University officers given appropriate authority by delegation from the President (see Executive Order No. 602 found at

The Chancellor of the CSU exercises primary administrative authority over the curricula of the CSU campuses and, acting on the recommendations of the campus Presidents and under the authority of the Trustees, authorizes implementation of curricular programs.

Section 1: Curricular Authority and Publications
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