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CSULB Curriculum Forms and Reports

The Curriculum Forms are presented below. Information on Curriculum Forms can be found in Section Four of the Curriculum Handbook. Refer to the Curriculum Changes - Best Practice PDF document for guidelines on course changes. For additional guidance, please see the Course Requisite Checking FAQs. To aid you with completing your course and program forms, you may utilize the provided checklists for Course Changes, New Courses, Program Changes, or utilize the General Checklist to ensure you are not missing anything when checking your forms. Thanks to Natalie McGlocklin from the College of Health and Human Services for sharing her checklist templates.

These forms are updated as of June 8th, 2016 (removal of roadmap requirement from program change forms). There have been no updates to these forms since that date.

Additionally, both the Curriculum Checklists and the Curriculum Process Flowchart were added in August, 2017. See below.

Course Forms

Course - Change - Lower Division Word Document
Course - Change - Upper DivisionWord Document

Course - DropWord Document

Course - ReactivateWord Document
Course - New - Lower DivisionWord Document
Course - New - Upper DivisionWord Document

Honors Forms

Honors Course - New - Lower DivisionWord Document
Honors Course - New - Upper DivisionWord Document

Prefix Forms

Prefix - NewWord Document

Program Forms

Program - ChangeWord Document

Topic Forms

Topic - ChangeWord Document
Topic - Conversion to Course - Lower DivisionWord Document
Topic - Conversion to Course - Upper DivisionWord Document
Topic - DropWord Document
Topic - NewWord Document
Topic - Type 1Word Document


General Checklist
Program Change Checklist
New Course Checklist
Course Change Checklist


Curriculum Calendar

2017-18 Curriculum Calendar Word Document

Curriculum Process Flowchart