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Catalog Differences

Differences Between the Print and Online Versions of the Current Catalog

Information on the acquisition of catalog rights can be found here.

Changes from the published pdf of the catalog (publishing date) and the currently existing online catalog:

Date Edit

The following course titles had not been updated within the MS in Nursing according to changes in the late 2013 cert, so these were updated to reflect those changes: NRSG 630, 630A, 630B, 631, 631A, and 631B.

08/11/14 With the President's Concurrence of three policy statements, the following pages have been updated/created: Policy on Relationships between Student and Employees, new standards for Academic Minors, and changes to Undergraduate Honors policies.
07/29/14 Production Management Track requirements corrected for the Bachelor of Arts in Film and Electronic Arts - Option in Theory and Practice of Cinema.
07/02/14 Course selections have been updated for the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.
06/02/14 Prerequisite score for ESW 1 has been updated to the proper number.
05/15/14 Reverting of changes to the MS in Health Care Administration, the MS in HCA Accelerated Model, and graduate courses in HCA.
05/14/14 BS in Business Administration - Option in International Business - elective course offerings have been edited to fix a typo.
05/14/14 Information regarding College of Business Administration policies has been updated
05/13/14 PSY 210 is now properly listed under both concentrations of the BS in Dietetics and Food Administration - Option in Nutrition and Dietetics
05/08/14 The corequisites listed for COMM 110 and COMM 130 have been removed.
05/06/14 GEOG 475 and GEOG 575 are now properly double-numbered in Geography course listings.
04/22/14 Slight edit to the BS in Business Administration - Option in Finance.

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