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California State University, Long Beach
2013-2014 CSULB University Catalog

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Information

There are a variety of financial aid programs to assist students and families with meeting expenses. The following information concerning student financial assistance may be obtained from Financial Aid, BH 101, (562) 985-8403 or by visiting the website at

  • 1. A description of the federal, state, institutional, local, and private student financial assistance programs available to students who enroll at CSULB;

  • 2. For each aid program, a description of procedures and forms by which students apply for assistance, student eligibility requirements, criteria for selecting recipients from the group of eligible applicants, and criteria for determining the amount of a student’s award;

  • 3. A description of the rights and responsibilities of students receiving financial assistance, including federal Title IV student assistance programs, and the criteria for continued student eligibility under each program;

  • 4. The satisfactory academic progress standards that students must maintain for the purpose of receiving financial assistance and criteria by which a student who has failed to maintain satisfactory progress may reestablish eligibility for financial assistance;

  • 5. The method by which financial assistance disbursements will be made to students and the frequency of those disbursements;

  • 6. The way the school provides for Pell-eligible students to obtain or purchase required books and supplies by the seventh day of a payment period and how the student may opt out;

  • 7. The terms of any loan received as part of the student's financial aid package, a sample loan repayment schedule, and the necessity for repaying loans;

  • 8. The general conditions and terms applicable to any employment provided as part of the student's financial aid package;

  • 9. The terms and conditions of the loans students receive under the Direct Loan and Perkins Loan Programs;

  • 10. The exit counseling information the school provides and collects for student borrowers; and

  • 11. Contact information for ombuds offices available for disputes concerning federal, institutional and private loans.

Information concerning the cost of attending California State University, Long Beach is available from the Office of Financial Aid, BH 101, (562) 985-8403, and includes tuition and fees; the estimated costs of books and supplies; estimates of typical student room, board, and transportation costs; and, if requested, additional costs for specific programs.

Information concerning the refund policies of California State University, Long Beach for the return of unearned tuition and fees or other refundable portions of institutional charges is available from the Controller, BH 365.

Information concerning policies regarding the return of federal Title IV student assistance funds as required by regulations is available from the Office of Financial Aid, BH 101, (562) 985-8403.

Information concerning athletic opportunities available to male and female students and the financial resources and personnel that CSULB dedicates to its men's and women's teams may be obtained from Cindy Masner, Sports Athletics and Recreation, 562-985-8527.

Information concerning teacher preparation programs at CSULB, including the pass rate on teacher certification examinations, may be obtained from either Elementary/Special Education Admission Advising, ED1 54, (562) 985-9259, Elementary Education:, Special Education:, or Single Subject Office, ED 1 53, (562) 985-7623,

The Office of Financial Aid at CSULB provides both financial and advisory assistance to enable students to pursue a quality education despite increasing costs. It administers funds made available by the federal and state governments, CSU and by private sources that are awarded to students who demonstrate a need to cover educational expenses.

Due to limited funding, deadlines are critical. Students financial aid files must be complete before financial need can be determined. Students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) between January 1 and March 2 for priority status.

Financial Aid Application

To apply for financial aid from CSULB, students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is a multi-purpose form that is also required to apply for California Grants from the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) and for Pell Grant funds from the federal government. The FAFSA should be completed online at Students unable to complete the FAFSA on the Web may call 800-4FED-AID and request a paper application or may download a copy at To ensure CSULB receives the FAFSA data, list CSULB and the Title IV School Code 001139 on the college release section. New applicants for Cal Grants (including entering freshman) must submit a GPA Verification Form in addition to the FAFSA by the March 2 deadline. GPA Verification Forms are available from high school counselors or any California College Financial Aid Office

Detailed information about CSULB financial aid programs is available in the Office of Financial Aid, BH 101, (562) 985-8403. The submission of various supporting documents may be required. These may include the following: (1) verification of all taxable and nontaxable income reported on the FAFSA; and (2) other clarifying information requested by the Office of Financial Aid. Upon receipt of all documentation, the applicant’s file is evaluated to determine eligibility for financial aid. A student is automatically considered for all programs for which he/she qualifies at the University by submitting the FAFSA, and appropriate supporting documents. All loan, grant and workstudy programs are available for the academic year. Students expecting to receive a financial aid refund are required to provide bank account information to CSULB in order to facilitate electronic refunds to students (eRefund).

Financial Aid Eligibility

To determine financial aid eligibility, a standard needs analysis system is used. This system allows the Office of Financial Aid to analyze family financial strength and ability to contribute toward the cost of attending CSULB. Subtracted from the student’s educational expenses to arrive at financial need are: the parental contribution, the applicant’s (and spouse’s) contribution from employment, savings, a portion of assets and other resources. As long as program funds permit, a “package” consisting of various types of funds (grants, loans, work-study) is awarded to meet full need.

Although enrollment is assumed to be full-time, part-time students are eligible to receive aid if they carry a minimum of six undergraduate units, or 5 graduate level units.

Notification of Awards

Upon determination of eligibility, new students are sent notice of a financial aid offer. Students are also notified if determined to be ineligible.

It is the goal of CSULB to package aid that fully meets the need of all qualified aid applicants. However, in the event that funds are insufficient, priority will be given to students whose financial aid files meet the first priority deadlines and who demonstrate the highest need.

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Financial Assistance