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California State University, Long Beach
2013-2014 CSULB University Catalog

Academic Services and Campus Life

Orientation and Advising

Student Orientation, Advising and Registration

SOAR is the comprehensive orientation workshop to help newly admitted students transition – both academically and socially – to CSULB. All new undergraduate students are required to attend SOAR before registering for classes. Students must be formally admitted to CSULB and have paid the CSULB Enrollment Deposit in order to sign up and attend SOAR.

For information about SOAR workshops and other programs, call (562) 985-5515, email or visit

SOAR Freshman Workshops

Newly admitted freshmen must participate in either a one-day SOAR workshop or a two-day overnight program. One-day freshman workshops include a campus tour, academic advising, and assistance with class selection and registration. One-day workshops are offered in the summer and winter. The two-day, overnight SOAR program, which is only offered in the summer, provides academic advising, class selection and assistance with the registration process, introduces freshmen to college life/issues, and enables students to experience an overnight stay in the campus residence. For information about SOAR workshops and other programs, call (562) 985-5515, email or visit

SOAR Transfer Workshops

Each of the University’s seven colleges collaborates with SOAR to sponsor college-specific transfer workshops. Transfer students should participate in a college-specific workshop where they meet with faculty advisors and receive assistance with class selection specific to their declared major. For information about SOAR workshops and other programs, call (562) 985-5515, email or visit

Student Transition and Retention Services

The STARS program facilitates the transition and retention of CSULB’s diverse student population by providing student-centered programs and services that foster student advancement toward graduation. STARS directs its major effort toward the advising, registration and orientation of new students. It also offers ongoing, retention programs and leadership development opportunities, such as Lifeguard Stations, Student Services Festival, Majors Fair, and Operation: Return to the Beach. For information, call (562) 985-5515, visit or go to the Foundation Building, Room 150.

Parent Orientation Program

Each summer the Parent Orientation Program (POP) offers parents an opportunity to learn about the academic requirements necessary to obtain a baccalaureate degree and introduces parents to campus services for students. During this engaging, day-long orientation, parents receive information about “what leads students to academic success,” participate in a classroom experience to better understand faculty expectations of students, and receive an introduction to campus services for students. The POP experience empowers parents to serve as valuable resources to their CSULB student. For additional information, please call (562) 985-5458 or visit the POP website:

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Academic Services and Campus Life