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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Graduate Degree Information

Second Master's Degree

A graduate student who is currently enrolled in a master's program at CSULB must complete that master's program before enrolling in courses for another degree. A graduate student who already holds a master's degree from this or any other accredited institution but desires to become a candidate for a second master's degree in a different field is subject to the following regulations:

  • 1. All admission requirements of the University and college or department must be met (all general regulations listed in the catalog apply to the second master's degree);
  • 2. Enrollment and approval of candidacy for the second degree will be granted only after the first degree has been completed and awarded;
  • 3. All requirements for the new degree must be completed;
  • 4. After awarding of the first master's degree, a minimum of 24 units of graduate residence credit must be earned at this University including the minimum of 500/600‑series units mandated by the major department in which the student is earning the second master's degree;
  • 5. No more than six units earned on the first degree may be applied to a second master's degree;
  • 6. Prerequisites for an advanced course must be completed prior to enrollment in the advanced course. An instructor may disenroll a student who does not provide evidence of adequate preparation;
  • 7. All prerequisites must be completed prior to application for candidacy;
  • 8. Two master's degrees cannot be awarded concurrently;
  • 9. The area or discipline in which the second degree is earned shall be designated on the transcript and a second diploma awarded.
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Graduate Degree Information

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