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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Theatre Arts

Graduate Programs

Option in Dramatic Writing


This programs has been discontinued.


The MFA in Theatre Arts, Option in Dramatic Writing degree program is 60 units, normally requiring full-time residency. The program culminates in a major thesis writing project of publishable/producible quality. Course requirements are arranged according to the following structure:

Core A (12 units) Dramatic Writing:

Take all of the following:

  • FEA 604A Graduate Seminar in Dramatic Writing (3)
    Prerequisite: None
  • FEA 604B Graduate Seminar in Dramatic Writing (3)
    Prerequisites: FEA 604A and consent of instructor.
  • FEA 604C Graduate Seminar in Dramatic Writing (3)
    Prerequisites: FEA 604A and 604B, or consent of instructor.
  • FEA 604D Graduate Seminar in Dramatic Writing (3)
    Prerequisites: FEA 604A, 604B, 604C, and consent of instructor.

Core B (9 units) History, Theory, Criticism, Production and Writing:

Take all of the following:

  • THEA 523 Theory/Practice of Contemporary Theatre (3)
    Prerequisite: None
  • THEA 524 Dramaturgy (3)
    Prerequisite: Acceptance into the MFA Program.
  • THEA 696 Aesthetic Theory and Conceptualization (3)
    Prerequisites: None

Core B.1 (12 units)

Take 12 units from the following: THEA 374, 375, 380, 426, 427, 507, 550, 694

Core C (6 units) Rhetorical Theory, Criticism, and Communication Studies:

Take the following:

  • COMM 633 Seminar in Interpretive Communication (3)
    Prerequisite: COMM 541 or consent of instructor.
  • COMM 640 Rhetorical Theory and Criticism II (3)
    Prerequisite: COMM 541.

Core D (6 units) Comparative World Literature & Classics:

Take two courses chosen from the following:

  • CWL 502, 503, 504, 537, 538, 540, 545, 549 (topic per advisement), 552, 561

Take the following course:

  • THEA 699 MFA Thesis/Project (1-6)
    Prerequisite: Advancement to candidacy and consent of department chair.

Take 9 units of electives

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