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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

School of Art

Certificate in Biomedical Art

This is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the Art and Biological Sciences Departments. Special permission is not required for a student to pursue the Certificate in Biomedical Art, however it is only available to students who are presently enrolled in a degree program in the biological sciences or in art at CSULB.

Please contact Robin Richesson,, for the Certificate Program Planner. The student may apply for certification upon completion of the following:


  • 1. A major in art or biological sciences;
  • 2. A 2.75 overall GPA and 3.25 in the major:

Take all the following courses (38 units):

  • ART 149 Foundation Computer Art (3)
    Prerequisite: ART 130
  • ART 181 Foundation Drawing (3)
    Prerequisite: None
  • ART 184 Foundation Life Drawing (3)
    Prerequisites: ART 181
  • ART 271 Introduction to Rendering (3)
    Prerequisite: ART 130, 181
  • ART 372 Anatomy for Artists (3)
    Prerequisites: ART 130, 131, 181, 184; AH 111A, 111B
  • ART 374A Biomedical Rendering (3)
    Prerequisites: ART 130, 184, 287; AH 111A, 111B; or consent of instructor
  • ART 374B Biomedical Rendering (3)
    Prerequisites: ART 130, 184, 287; AH 111A, 111B; or consent of instructor
  • ART 426 Computer Animation 1 (3)
    Prerequisites: ART 391 or 476 or consent of instructor
  • ART 476 Experimental Animation 1 (3)
    Prerequisites: For 476: ART 130, 131, 181, 184. For 576: graduate student in Art or consent of instructor
  • ART 499F Special Studies in Illustration (3)
    Prerequisite: Illustration major or consent of instructor
  • BIOL 200 General Biology (4)
    Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirements
  • BIOL 208 Human Anatomy (4)
    Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirements

Note: BIOL 200 waived for Biology majors.

Questions may be addressed to: Robin Richesson, School of Art, (562) 985-9068 or Kelly Young, Department of Biological Sciences, (562) 985-4859.

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