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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Liberal Studies

Track I

The Liberal Studies Core

A minimum of 102 units distributed in Areas I, II, III, IV, V, and VI. No Core classes may be taken Credit/No Credit.

Area I: Language Arts (minimum 22 units)

Group 1. Written Communication:

  • Choose one course from: ASAM 100, AFRS 100, CHLS 104, ENGL 100

Group 2. Oral Communication:

  • Choose one course from: COMM 130, COMM 335

Group 3: Survey of Literature:

  • Choose one course from: CWL 100, ENGL 180, ENGL 250 A or B, ENGL 270 A or B, ENGL 375

Group 4. Applied Composition:

  • Take ENGL 309
    Prerequisites: None.

Group 5. Language Acquisition:

  • Choose one course from: CD 329, EDSP 454, LING 329

Group 6. Children's Literature:

  • Choose one course from: AFRS 415, COMM 352, ENGL 481

Group 7. Language Arts Capstone: Take L/ST 400

Area II: Mathematics (minimum 12 units)

Group 1. Real Numbers: Take MTED 110
Prerequisites: ELM or ELM exemption or MAPB 11.

Group 2. Probability and Activities-Based Statistics:

  • Take MTED 205
    Prerequisites: ELM or ELM exemption or MAPB 11 and MTED 110.

Group 3. Geometry and Measurement:

  • Choose one course from: MTED 211 or MTED 312

Group 4. Mathematics Capstone:

  • Take MTED 402
    Prerequisites: "C" or better in both MTED 110, and either MTED 211 or 312 or the equivalent and a course in Critical Thinking.

Area III: Natural Science (minimum 14 units)

Group 1. Earth Science:

  • Choose from: GEOL 102 and GEOL 104, or GEOL 106* (*GEOL 106 is the preferred course)

Group 2. Life Science: Take BIOL 200
Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirements.

Group 3. Physical Science: Take PHSC 112
Prerequisites/Corequisites: One course from Category B.2 of GE Foundation.

Group 4. Natural Science Capstone: Take SCED 401
Prerequisites: BIOL 200; PHSC 112; GEOL 106, or both GEOL 102 and 104; all with a "C" or better grade.

Area IV: History/Social Science (minimum 19 units)

Group 1. American History:

  • Choose one course from: HIST 172, HIST 300

Group 2. American Institutions:

  • Choose one course from POSC 100, POSC 326*, POSC 391 (*POSC 326 is limited to and only required of students who have met the U.S. Constitution requirement in a state other than California or through Advanced Placement credit and who must meet the Title V California State and Local Government requirement.)

Group 3. World History and Geography:

  • Take either: HIST/GEOG 250*, or HIST 211 plus GEOG 100 (*HIST/GEOG 250 is the preferred course)

Group 4. Multicultural Dimensions:

  • Choose one course from AFRS/AIS/ASAM/CHLS/ 215, AFRS/AIS/ ASAM/CHLS/WGSS 319, ANTH 421/LING 425

Group 5. California History: Take HIST 473
Prerequisites: None.

Group 6. History/Social Science Capstone:

  • Take L/ST 471
    Prerequisite: Limited to Liberal Studies majors who have completed all Area IV Core requirements with a "C" or better grade, or consent of department chair.

Area V: Arts and Humanities (minimum 15 units)

Group 1. Music: Take MUS 180
Prerequisites: None.

Group 2. Dance or Theater:

  • Choose one course from: CWL 124, CWL 324I, DANC 110, DANC 179, THEA 113, THEA 122, THEA 324I

Group 3. Ethics, Values and Beliefs:

  • Choose one course from: PHIL 100, PHIL 160, PHIL 203, PHIL 204, PHIL 405I, R/ST 100, R/ST 202, R/ST 485

Group 4. Visual Art: Take ART 300
Prerequisites: None.

Group 5. Arts Capstone: Take L/ST 404
Prerequisites: Limited to Liberal Studies majors who have completed all Area V Core requirements with a "C" or better grade, or consent of department chair.

Area VI: Critical Issues in Teaching and Learning

(minimum 20 units)

Group 1. Teaching and Learning: Take EDEL 100
Prerequisites: None.

Group 2. Information and Technology Competencies: Choose one course from: ETEC 110*, ETEC 444 (*ETEC 110 is the preferred course)

Group 3. Critical Thinking:

  • Choose one course from: A/ST 190, COMM 131, ENGL 102, ETEC 171, HIST 101, PHIL 170, POSC 105, PSY 130

Group 4. Introduction to Education: Take EDEL 200
Prerequisites: None.

Group 5. Child Development and Learning:

  • Choose one course from: EDP 301, HDEV 307I

Group 6. Family and School Partnerships:

  • Take EDSP 355A
    Prerequisites: None.

Group 7. Physical Education: Take KIN 476
Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Group 8. Health Science: Take H SC 411A
Prerequisite: Upper-division standing. Corequisite: Current CPR Certification required.

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Liberal Studies

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