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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Liberal Studies

Track I

Track I Subject Matter Concentration

The Subject Matter Concentration requires a minimum of 12 units in one of the thematic programs of study identified below. Students may choose to pursue a Subject Matter Concentration option that allows them to complete work toward a Subject Matter Authorization.

Subject Matter Concentration Options:

  • I. Language Arts
  • II. Mathematics
  • III. Natural Science
  • IV. History-Social Science
  • V. Human and Child Development
  • VI.Education Studies

Courses taken to satisfy the Subject Matter Concentration requirements shall be selected by the student in consultation with the department chair or designee. Once determined, the designated courses shall be articulated in a Subject Matter Concentration Plan. Normally the plan must be submitted before the student begins to take courses in the Concentration. Subsequent modifications of the Concentration curriculum must also be approved by the department chair or designee. No Concentration course may be taken Credit/No Credit. No course used to fulfill a Core requirement may be used to fulfill a Concentration requirement.

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Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies Programs

Integrated Teacher Education Program

Track I