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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling

Programs - Master of Arts in Education

Master of Arts in Education

Candidates for degrees in Master of Arts programs must apply separately to both the university and the program by posted deadlines. Applications should be submitted at the same time. Program application deadlines may vary. Visit the College of Education website for program details, application guidelines and materials, and application deadlines ( All university regulations governing the master's degree apply to college programs. Program requirements published in the university Catalog in effect during the year a candidate advances to candidacy are the requirements the candidate will be held to (catalog rights).

Option in Educational Administration

Educational leaders serve in many capacities. No matter what position an individual holds within an educational organization, all efforts should be directed at supporting the equitable academic achievement of all students being served. The courses in the Educational Administration Option are designed to prepare leaders for this important work. Emphasis is placed on 1) examining the role of schooling in a democratic society, 2) multiple and varied aspects of educational leadership, 3) building collaboratives, 4) managing and guiding change, and 5) working with diverse populations. The program's primary mission is to educate candidates who will assume leadership positions in diverse, urban, K-12 schools and districts. Visit the program website for program details (


The following are required for admission to the program:

  • 1. Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • 2. 15 upper-division units in education, including EDP 400 or equivalent.
  • 3. Minimum 2.85 overall grade point average in the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units of coursework.
  • 4. For international students whose primary language is not English, minimum score of 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).


Candidates must apply separately to both the university and the program by posted deadlines. Applications should be submitted at the same time.

The application for Graduate Admission to the University is available online through Cal State Apply ( ). One complete set of official transcripts must be submitted with the university application. This set of transcripts will be used to determine grade point average eligibility. Failure to submit transcripts in a timely manner will result in a delayed review of the application.

A separate application to the Preliminary Administrative Services Masters/Credential Program must be submitted to the College of Education Graduate Studies Office (ED1-7). An application and directions can be downloaded at The program application does not require a set of transcripts.

Conditional Admission

Successful applicants are admitted to the program with Conditional Admission status.

Advancement to Candidacy - Clear Admission

Students should advance to candidacy as early as possible. For advancement to candidacy (Clear Admission status), students must:

  • 1. Fulfill the campus Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).
  • 2. Complete EDP 400.
  • 3. Complete EDAD 541 and one other EDAD course for a total of 6 units.
  • 4. Resolve all incomplete grades.
  • 5. Maintain a 3.0 grade point average.
  • 6. Submit to the Graduate Studies Office an Advancement to Candidacy form signed by the program advisor.


A minimum of 30 units with a 21-unit concentration in Educational Administration is required; 21 units must be at the 500/600 level taken at this university.

1. Take one of the following (3 units): SCAE 560, SCAE 561, SCAE 564

2. Take one of the following (3 units): EDP 520, EDP 595

3. Take one of the following chosen with advisor consultation: EDAD 695, EDAD 698 Thesis (must take 6 units)

4. Take all of the following (21 units):

  • EDAD 541 Leadership, Organizational Management, Ethics (3)
    Prerequisites: Admission to the Preliminary Administrative Service Credential Program.
  • EDAD 544 Legal Aspects of Education: Implications and Applications for School Leadership (3)
    Prerequisites: EDAD 541.
  • EDAD 647A Fiscal Resources Educational Administration (3)
    Prerequisites: EDAD 541.
  • EDAD 647B Human Resources in Educational Admin (3)
    Prerequisites: EDAD 541.
  • EDAD 677A Curriculum/Program Devand Evaluation (3)
    Prerequisites: EDAD 541. Corequisites: EDAD 677B.
  • EDAD 677B Instructional Leadership & Assessment (3)
    Prerequisites: EDAD 541. Corequisites: EDAD 677A.
  • EDAD 649 Urban Schools and Communities: Academic, Social, Political, and Cultural Issues (3)
    Prerequisites: EDAD 541.
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