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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog


Undergraduate Programs

Honors in Biochemistry or Chemistry

Students majoring in the B.S. in Biochemistry, B.S. in Chemistry, or B.A. in Chemistry who would like an enriched academic program including an intensive research experience may be eligible to graduate with Honors in the Major through the University Honors Program. Students may complete General Honors through the University Honors Program as well; in such cases the General Honors thesis requirement is met through Honors in the Major (see University Honors).

Chemistry majors must take additional coursework in biology beyond the minimum required for a chemistry degree.

The requirements for Honors in the Major also satisfies the requirements of a college-wide program, Honors in Biological Sciences, created with the support of a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. While Honors in the Major requires junior or senior standing, the college-wide program offers an enriched curriculum. Interested students should contact the Honors in the major director or the Jensen Student Access to Sciences and Mathematics Center.

Requirements for Admission to Honors in the Major

  • 1. Junior or senior standing with at least one year remaining before graduation.
  • 2. Declared major of B.S. in Biochemistry, B.S. in Chemistry, or B.A. in Chemistry.
  • 3. Submission of an application detailing interest in the program and willingness to commit to a year-long research experience.
  • 4. Letter of recommendation from a CSULB faculty member familiar with the student's work.
  • 5. Completion of BIOL 211, 212, 213 (BIOL 111, 111L, 212, 212L, 213, 213L are required if courses were taken prior to catalog year 2010-11) (or BIOL 211A,B); CHEM 251, 320A,B at time of entry with grades of at least "C" in each course. Students may apply during the semester in which they expect to complete these courses.
  • 6. GPA of at least 3.00 in all courses in the major and in all upper division courses in the major.

Requirements for Graduation with Honors in the Major

  • 1. GPA of at least 3.30 in all upper division courses in the major and in Honors courses.
  • 2. Completion of all requirements for the B.S. in Biochemistry, B.S. in Chemistry, or B.A. in Chemistry.
  • 3. Completion of BIOL/CHEM 466, Research Design and Methods - Honors (3 units).
  • 4. Completion of 3 units CHEM 496, Undergraduate Directed Research.
  • 5. Completion of 3 units of CHEM 498H, Senior Thesis - Honors.
  • 6. Presentation of research results in a public forum. This requirement may be met by presentation at a scientific conference or at a local venue; consult the Honors in the Major advisor for additional information

Substitutions to this program must be approved by the Honors in the Major Advisor.

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