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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Religious Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (120 units)

Students interested in this program should apply to the department chair.


A minimum of 36 units is required as follows:

Core Courses:

Take 6 units from the following: R/ST 100, 102, 103

Take the following course:

  • R/ST 401 Methods of Theories in Study of Religion (3)
    Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Area Courses:

21 units from at least two of the following categories.

Western Religions: R/ST 210, 230, 311, 312I, 314, 315, 317, 322, 331I, 337I, 338I, 375, 376I, 383I, 460, 467I, 471I, 472I, 490*, 499*

Eastern Religions: R/ST 341I, 344, 351, 352, 353I, 490*, 499*

Religion in the Contemporary World: R/ST 202, 240, 301, 302I, 308, 362I, 383I, 391I, 425, 472I, 402I, 485, 490*, 499*

*When the subject matter of a special topics or directed studies course is applicable, the course may be used.

Electives: 6 units selected from religious studies courses, including language courses (Aramaic, Hebrew, or Sanskrit), or AIS 335, CWL 342, PHIL 306, 307, 330

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Religious Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs