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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog


Graduate Programs

For information about graduate programs go to, select "Graduate Programs."

The Department offers the following graduate programs: Master of Arts degree in Psychological Research; Master of Science degree, option in Human Factors and option in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. In each option a basic core of courses, including a thesis, is required; however, there is the opportunity for additional work in areas of special interest.

Admission to Graduate Programs

An application for admission may be obtained on the Psychology Department web site (go to, select "Graduate Programs"). Acceptance by the department is contingent upon (a) GPA based on last 60 semester units available at time of application; (b) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores on the verbal and quantitative sections; and (c) three letters of recommendation. For entry in the fall semester, all application materials, including complete transcripts, GRE scores and letters of recommendation, must be received by the department Graduate Advisor by February 8 for the Master of Science – Industrial/Organizational option, February 21 for the Master of Arts – Psychological Research option, and March 1 for the Master of Science – Human Factors option.

Financial Support

Students accepted into the graduate programs may apply for graduate assistantships (which provide monthly stipends) in Psychology or related departments on campus. Federal Work Study assignments are available in the Department, but must be applied for through the University Financial Aid Office one or two semesters prior to obtaining the assignment; other aid available includes the Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF). One student from the Master of Arts – Psychological Research and the Master of Science – Industrial/Organizational Psychology programs' entering class may be awarded a J. Robert Newman Scholarship. Boeing University Relations Human Factors Graduate Scholarship and NASA University Research Centers Scholarships are offered through the Master of Science – Human Factors program.

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Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs