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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Political Science


Interdisciplinary Minor in Public Policy

The minor consists of 21 units including a core curriculum of 12 units and 9 units of electives. A maximum of 6 units may be taken in the student's major department, but no units may be counted in both the major and minor.


1. Core Curriculum (12 units required):

Twelve units chosen from among the following courses: ECON 450, POSC 328, PSY 375, U/ST 301I

Note: It is strongly recommended that students take core courses in sequence, the first two courses during the Junior year; the second two during the Senior year.

2. Electives: (9 units required):

At least 6 units of the 9 elective units must be taken in one of the policy area concentrations outlined below. The remaining 3 units may be taken from among any of the elective courses approved for the minor.

Policy Area Concentrations:

Community Relations and Social Services, Health Care, Housing and Recreation, Education, Economic Regulation, Justice and Law, Land Use and Ecology, Computational Skills for Public Policy, Foreign Policy and International Relations, Values and Public Policy, Government Processes and Policy, Law, Politics and Policy

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Political Science

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