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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog


Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in German

Students are encouraged to study at German-speaking universities and the program assists with overseas study plans. For graduate students interested in multimedia teaching technology, the program provides special projects and practical opportunities. Teaching Assistantships are available.


1. A bachelor of arts degree in German or:

2. A bachelor's degree with a minimum of 24 units of upper‑division courses in German. These courses must be comparable to those required of a major in German at the University. Deficiencies will be determined by the department.

Advancement to Candidacy

Advancement to Candidacy should take place upon completion of at least six units, preferably no more than nine units applicable to the program, with at least a 3.0 GPA.

The program will request advancement to candidacy only after she/he has filed a transcript of credits or a change‑of‑objective form, completed the prerequisites, and fulfillment of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).

The student graduate program must be approved by the graduate advisor, departmental committee, and the College of Liberal Arts Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.


1. Completion of a minimum of 30 units of approved upper‑division and graduate courses with 24 units in German;

2. A minimum of 18 units in the 500 and 600 series taken at the CSULB campus in German which must include the following:

  • GERM 510. The Faces of United Germany: Past, Present, and Future (3)

3. A reading knowledge of French, Italian, Latin, Russian, or Spanish. Another language may be substituted only under special circumstance. In some cases, students may require as many as 16 additional credits to fulfill the second language requirement;

4. A comprehensive examination or, with permission of a Graduate Advisor, a thesis.

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Graduate Programs