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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog


Undergraduate Programs

Certificate in Urban Studies

The Urban Studies Certificate, housed in the Department of Geography, takes an interdisciplinary approach. Students take a core of courses in Geography and take courses from one of two concentrations (Urban Theory and Practice or Applied Urban Geography). For further information, go to

This certificate program is eligible for Financial Aid. Please see the department web site for required Federal disclosure information.


  • 1. A bachelor's degree, which may be earned concurrently.
  • 2. Consultation with the undergraduate advisor in the Geography Department.
  • 3. A minimum of 23 units distributed as follows:

Core requirements (6 units):

Take the following courses:

  • GEOG 301I The Urban Scene (3)
    Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirement, one or more Exploration courses, and upper division standing.
  • GEOG 464 Urban Geography (3)
    Prerequisite: GEOG 100, 120, or 160 or consent of instructor; GEOG 360 recommended.

Concentration Requirement (minimum 17 units)

Choose One Option:

Concentration A - Applied Urban Geography: GEOG 446, 467, 485*, 487B; and one of the following: ASAM 435; CHLS 470I, CAFF 322, 422; GEOG 471 or HCA 471.

Concentration B - Urban Theory and Practice: Take six of the following courses: GEOG 467, 468; HIST 469, 474I; ANTH 416; POSC 327; CHLS 421; WGSS 432; DESN 367.

*Students must also take GEOG 280 before enrolling in this course. This course is a prerequisite and does not count toward the Certificate.

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