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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog


List of Courses


492. Internship in Applied Geography
494. Selected Topics in Geography
497. Directed Studies

Global and Regional


319I. International Development
352. Geography of Travel and Tourism
355I. International Environmental Issues
452. Geography of the Global Economy
468. World Cities/Cities of the World
470. Political Geography


100. World Regional Geography
304. California
306. United States and Canada
308I. Africa South of the Sahara
309I. The Middle East and North Africa
313I. Southeast Asia
314I. South Asia
315I. East Asia
316. Europe
318. Russia and Its Neighbors
321. Geography of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
322. Geography of South America

Human Geography

120. Geography of Human Diversity in the United States
160. Introduction to Human Geography
301I. Urban Life and Problems
319I. International Development
352. Geography of Travel and Tourism
357I. Sacred Geographies
360. Human Geography
381. Maps and Civilization
446. Land Use Planning
452. Geography of the Global Economy
460. Population Geography
462. Feminist Geography
464. Urban Geography
465./565. Social Geography
467./567. Urban Geography: Metropolitan Problems
468. World Cities/Cities of the World
470. Political Geography
471. Geographic Information Science (GIS) for Health

Environmental/Physical Geography

130. Introduction to Climatology
140. Introduction to Physical Geography
340. Environmental Geography
355I. International Environmental Issues
440./540. Land and Water Environments
442. Biogeography
443. Watersheds: Processes and Management
444. Climatology
445. Palaeoclimatology
447. Landscape Restoration
448. Environmental Assessment
455. People As Agents of Environmental Change
458./558. Hazards and Risk Management
481. Geographic Information Science for Natural Sciences

Methods and Techniques

These courses develop skills in graphic and statistical communication and field analysis which are used within the various sub‑fields of the discipline.

200. Introduction to Research Methods for Geographers
280. Introduction to Geospatial Techniques
380. Map Interpretation and Analysis
400. Geographical Analysis
402. Qualitative Geographic Analysis
482. Thematic Map Design for Presentation and GIS
473. Remote Sensing
474. Introduction to Digital Image Processing
475. Geographical Application Remote Sensing
484./584. Advanced Concepts in Presentation Cartography
485./585. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
486. Field Methods in Landscape Analysis
487A./587A. Applications of GIS: Environment and Natural Resources
487B./587B. Applications of GIS: Urban and Economic
488. Geographic Information Systems

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