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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog


Undergraduate Programs

Certificate in Technical and Professional Communication

The Department of English offers a Certificate in Technical and Professional Communication to students interested in careers in writing and editing. Application forms and advising materials may be obtained from the department office.

This certificate program is eligible for Financial Aid. Please see the department web site for required Federal disclosure information.


  • 1. Formal consultation with a faculty advisor in the Technical and Professional Communication (TPC) Certificate program;
  • 2. Submission of an application to enter the program, supported by transcripts;
  • 3. Upper division or post-baccalaureate standing at CSULB with a grade point average of at least 2.75 overall;
  • 4. Admission to a degree program in this university or possession of a degree from an accredited university;
  • 5. Successful completion of ENGL 317, Technical Communication, with a letter grade of "C" or higher.

General Requirements

  • 1. A baccalaureate degree, which may be taken concurrently with the Certificate in Technical and Professional Communication;
  • 2. A minimum of 24 units in courses approved for the Certificate Program at this University, preferably completed within 10 years of the first credit granted toward the Certificate (consult an advisor concerning any transfer or extension credit that may be allowable);
  • 3. A letter grade of "C" or higher in every course in the Certificate program (a grade of "CR" is acceptable in no more than one course);
  • 4. Completion of a program of courses in Areas I through IV, developed in consultation with an advisor in the Technical and Professional Communication Certificate program, and approved by the Program Director and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts (or the Dean's designee);
  • 5. Demonstrations (in or outside the program of courses) of competence in the use of computers and graphic media;
  • 6. Development of a portfolio of reports, written and edited by the student during enrollment in the Certificate program, for review and approval by faculty in the Technical and Professional Communication Certificate program (required for a grade in ENGL 492A/B, Area IV).

Course Requirements

For each of the following courses, TPC Certificate students have been granted enrollment rights equal to those of students majoring in the Department offering the course. Substitutions are possible, especially in more advanced courses, with approval by the Program Director.

Area I: Technical and Professional Writing (9 units):

Take all of the following:

  • ENGL 417 Proposal Writing (3)
    Prerequisite: GE Foundation requirements.
  • ENGL 418 Manual Writing (3)
    Prerequisite: GE Foundation requirements.

Take one of the following: ART 307; ENGL 419; GEOL 420; IS 301; JOUR 316, 319B

Area II: Language Studies (4 units): Take one of the following:

  • ENGL 320 English Grammar (4)
    Prerequisite: None
  • ENGL 416 Technical Editing (4)
    Prerequisite: GE Foundation requirements.

Area III: Electives from the following (minimum 8 units):

  • Analytical Reading: COMM 301; ENGL 380, 423, 488; GEOG 380; HIST 400I; NSCI 375I; PHIL 381I
  • Business/Professional Skills: ACCT 201; BLAW 220; COMM 334, 335, 344; JOUR 370; MKTG 300, 330
  • Computer Applications: CECS 174; JOUR 331; MGMT 426; NSCI 200; IS 300; SOC 260
  • Creative Writing: ENGL 404, 405, 406, 407; FEA 304, 404; THEA 380
  • Intercultural Communication: ANTH 412I, 413; COMM 330; MKTG 480
  • Visual Communication: ET 170; GEOG 200; JOUR 305; MAE 172

Area IV: Practical Writing (3 units):

  • ENGL 491 (1 or more units), ENGL 492A or 492B (2 or more units). No grade in ENGL 492 will be assigned without an approved portfolio, as indicated in Paragraph 6, General Requirements.
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