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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Asian and Asian American Studies

Graduate Programs

Please note, admission to this program is currently suspended to new students.

Master of Arts in Asian Studies

This is an interdisciplinary degree offered by the Asian Studies faculty of its cooperating departments. Students applying for the M.A. Program in Asian Studies must apply for admission to the University and simultaneously provide official transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose to the graduate advisor of the department.


1. A Bachelor's degree with a major in Asian Studies; or

2. A Certificate in Asian Studies, awarded at CSULB, or its equivalent as evaluated by the Graduate Advisor of the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies. Equivalency will, normally, be granted for work in Asia‑related studies at CSULB and/or at other academic institutions, including a minimum of 18 units in no more than four disciplines with a minimum of six units in each of two disciplines of concentration plus two semesters of an approved Asian language. Only courses with a substantive Asia‑related content are acceptable; or

3. A bachelor's degree in one of the fields in social science, humanities, or fine arts with 24 units of upper-division Asia‑related courses. These courses must be comparable to those required of a major in Asian Studies at this University. Deficiencies will be determined by the graduate advisor after consultation with the student and after evaluation of transcript records. Students whose undergraduate prerequisites are inadequate will be required to fulfill these deficiencies before advancement to candidacy and will receive unclassified graduate standing until all deficiencies are removed.

Advancement to Candidacy

  • 1. Satisfaction of the general University requirements for advancement to candidacy;
  • 2. Completion of 6 or more of the required units (not including language) with a minimum 3.0 overall GPA;
  • 3. Approval of proposed program of study;
  • 4. Satisfactory fulfillment of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).


1. A minimum of 30 units of approved upper-division and graduate courses including the following:

  • A/ST 592 Proseminar in Asian Studies (3)
    Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
  • A/ST 610 Seminar in Asian Studies (3)
    Prerequisites: None

At least 18 units must be in the 500‑600 series composed of units earned at this University in graduate courses, graduate seminars, Directed Studies/Research or Thesis. All seminars and independent study courses may be repeated to a total of six (6) units, provided the topic is different. Directed Studies, Readings and Research, in any combination, may not exceed a total of six units: A/ST 698 (thesis) must be taken for a minimum of four and a maximum of six units will be given for A/ST 698 for those taking the thesis option.

2. A minimum of three upper-division units in each of two disciplines of concentration must be taken preparatory to seminar work. Students should take at least six units of 500/600 level work in each of the two disciplines or concentrations.

(N.B. Determination of the disciplinary status of any Asian Studies or any other courses taken at CSULB or other academic institutions shall be at the discretion of the Graduate Advisor in consultation with faculty, review of syllabi and reading lists, assessment of transcripts, etc.)

3. Comprehensive written examination in each of the two disciplines of concentration or a thesis. Students must have received permission of the Graduate Advisor, faculty advisor and prospective committee members before being allowed to file for the thesis option. Once selected, a student may not change his/her option.

4. Six units (beyond the B.A. level) in Chinese or Japanese or an Asian language approved by the Graduate Advisor. Waiver of this requirement, either by transfer of credits from another institution or by assessment of proficiency by resident faculty, is at the discretion of the Graduate Advisor of the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies.

Upper-Division Courses Acceptable

A/ST 320, 406AB, 490, 492, 499; ANTH 332, 333, 335, *416, *417, *419, 427, *490; AH 466, 467, 468, 469, 470A/B, 471A/B, *497, *498; CWL 403, *448, *499; CHIN 380, 390, 410, 430ABC, 451, 490, 492, 499; GEOG *494, *497; HIST 384, 385, 386, 405, 406A, 406B, 409, *495, *498; JAPN 350, 451, 471, 490, 497; *PHIL 499; POSC 362, 455, 469*, *489, *497, *499; R/ST *490, *499; *WGSS 406, 406A, 490, *499

* course must be an approved Asia-related topic.

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Asian and Asian American Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs