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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Undergraduate Programs

**The below information has been altered from the published version of the catalog. Course listings for HFHM 270 (now HFHM 170) and HFHM 274 (course title) have been updated to correct erroneous information. A list of differences in the online and published version of the catalog is available. **

Minor In Event Planning Management

The Event Planning and Management minor provides students with expertise for careers in event planning and management. Curriculum covers skills and knowledge including negotiation, event planning, programming, promotion, budget and legal issues.


Core (18 units):

  • HFHM 170 Introduction to Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management (3)
    Prerequisites: None
  • HFHM 274 International Hospitality Development (3)
    Prerequisites: ENGL 100 or equivalent.
  • HFHM 374 Meeting Planning in Hotels and Restaurants (3)
    Prerequisites: HFHM 170.
  • REC 325 Advanced Program and Event Management (3)
    Prerequisites: REC 100 or 300; 141, 225, or consent of instructor.
  • REC 462 Travel, Tourism, and Resort Recreation Management (3)
    Prerequisites: REC 325 or consent of instructor.
  • REC 465 Convention and Conference Planning (3)
    Prerequisites: REC 325 or consent of instructor.

Take 6 units of electives from the following courses:

  • ACCT 201; CECS 110, 200; COMM 334; HFHM 372, 376; HFHM 378 or REC 427; HFHM 476 or REC 425; REC 468, 490.
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Recreation and Leisure Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Certificate Programs

Graduate Programs