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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Physical Therapy

Graduate Programs

Please note, admission to this program is currently suspended to new students. For more information regarding a graduate degree in physical therapy, please see the Doctor of Physical Therapy page.

Master of Physical Therapy

This program consists of 60-units preceded by a year of upper division prerequisites offered at the University. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree and have completed specific lower division prerequisites. Following didactic course work, students complete a 24-week internship required for state licensure.

The MPT degree at California State University, Long Beach is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).


Complete all prerequisites with a minimum of "C" and earn a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 in upper-division prerequisites with a minimum of "B" in HHS 401 and BIOL 341.


Natural Sciences:

Take all of the following:

  • CHEM 111A General Chemistry (5)
    Prerequisites: A passing score on the Chemistry Placement Examination. Credit in CHEM 101 does not substitute for a passing score on the Chemistry Placement Examination and a "C" or better in MATH 113 or 117 or 119A or 122. One year of high school chemistry is strongly recommended. (Recommended for students who intend to pursue careers in science or engineering.)
  • CHEM 111B General Chemistry (5)
    Prerequisites: CHEM 111A with a grade of "C" or better.
  • PHYS 100A General Physics (4)
    Prerequisites: MATH 109 or 113 or 117 or 119A or 120 or 122.
  • PHYS 100B General Physics (4)
    Prerequisites: PHYS 100A.

Biological Sciences:

Take all the following courses:

  • BIOL 208 Human Anatomy (4)
    Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirements.
  • BIOL 211 Introduction to Evolution and Diversity (4)
    Prerequisites: Open only to students who have successfully completed the equivalent of the lecture component of BIOL 211 at another accredited institution and have consent of the Department of Biological Sciences.
  • BIOL 212 Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology (4)
    Prerequisites: Completion of BIOL 211 and CHEM 111A with grade of "C" or better.
  • BIOL 341 Physiology for Therapists I (4)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 211, 212, 213 all with grade of "C" or better. Recommended: PHYS 100A, B.
  • BIOL 441 Physiology for Therapists II (3)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 341 with a grade of "C" or better.
  • HHS 401 Applied Anatomy I (3)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 208, or equivalent.
  • HHS 402 Applied Anatomy II (3)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 208, or equivalent; "B" or better in HHS 401.
  • HHS 403 Tissue Mechanics and Aging (3)
    Prerequisites: "B" or better in HHS 401 and BIOL 341 and consent of instructor.
  • HHS 460 Neuroanatomy (4)
    Prerequisite: BIOL 341.
  • HHS 471 Pathology (3)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 208; Corequisites: BIOL 341.

Take either the following course:

  • BIOL 207 Human Physiology (4)
    Prerequisites: GE Foundation Requirements.


  • BIOL 213 Intro to Ecology and Physiology (4)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 211, 212, CHEM 111B with a grade of "C" or better.


Take the following:

  • BIOL 260 Biostatistics (3) (preferred)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 211 or BIOL 207 or MICR 200; MATH 111 or 113 or 119A or 122 all with a grade of "C" or better.

Behavioral Sciences:

Take both of the following:

  • PSY 100 General Psychology (3)
    Prerequisites/Corequisites: GE A1 requirement.
  • HHS 374 Professional Practice I: Interactions (3)
    Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.


Take all of the following courses:

  • PT 501 Musculoskeletal and Biomechanical Principles (4)
    Prerequisites: HHS 401, 402, 403.
  • PT 502 Pathological Gait (1)
    Prerequisites: PT 501.
  • PT 503 Management of Individuals with Musculoskeletal Disorders I (3)
    Prerequisites: PT 501.
  • PT 504 Management of Individuals with Musculoskeletal Disorders II (4)
    Prerequisites: PT 501, 503.
  • PT 505 Management of Human Growth and Dev (2)
    Prerequisites: HHS 401, 460.
  • PT 506 Exercise Physiology for Physical Therapy (2)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 341, 441; HHS 401, 460, 471.
  • PT 507 Examination of Individuals with Neuromuscular Disorders (2)
    Prerequisites: HHS 460.
  • PT 508 Management of the Pediatric Population (2)
    Prerequisites: PT 505, 507.
  • PT 509 Management of the Cardiopulmonary System (3)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 341, 441; PT 505, 506.
  • PT 510 Patient Management and Functional Training (2)
    Prerequisites: HHS 401, 402 and admittance to MPT program.
  • PT 511 Management of the Geriatric Population (3)
    Prerequisites: PT 503, 504, 505, 507.
  • PT 512 Clinical Electrophysiology I (3)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 341; HHS 402, 460.
  • PT 513 Clinical Electrophysiology II (2)
    Prerequisites: PT 512.
  • PT 515 Management of Individuals with Neuromuscular Disorders (2)
    Prerequisites: PT 507; Corequisites: PT 523.
  • PT 522 Clinical Practice I (1)
    Prerequisites: PT 503, 507, 509, 510.
  • PT 523 Clinical Practice II (1)
    Prerequisites: PT 522; Corequisites: PT 515.
  • PT 524 Clinical Practice III (1)
    Prerequisites: PT 507, 515, 523; Corequisites: PT 608.
  • PT 574 Professional Practice Issues (2)
    Prerequisites: HHS 374.
  • PT 604 Health Care Issues I (2)
    Prerequisites: Admittance to MPT program.
  • PT 605 Health Care Issues II (2)
    Prerequisites: Admittance to MPT program.
  • PT 607 Seminar in Cardiopulmonary Clinical Decision Making (1)
    Prerequisites: PT 509.
  • PT 608 Neurologic Clinical Decision Making (1)
    Prerequisites: PT 507.
  • PT 620 Management of Patients with Orthotic and Prosthetic Needs (2)
    Prerequisites: PT 502, 503.
  • PT 622 Clinical Pathophysiology (3)
    Prerequisites: PT 504, 505, 507, 509, 510, 513.
  • PT 674 Clinical Problem Solving (1)
    Prerequisites: PT 574.
  • PT 696 Research Methods (2)
    Prerequisites: Admittance to MPT Program.

Take a total of 4 units of one of the following in semesters 2, 3, and 4:

  • PT 697 Directed Research Studies (1-4)
    Prerequisites: PT 574, 696, advancement to candidacy and consent of instructor.
  • PT 698 Research Thesis/Project (1-4)
    Prerequisites: PT 574, 696, advancement to candidacy and consent of instructor.

Take at least one of the following electives: PT 590, 611, 619


The physical therapy masters program is open to all college graduates who have met prerequisite requirements and demonstrate academic promise and ability to perform at a satisfactory level during their graduate studies. Application deadline is January 14 for fall admission.

To be considered for acceptance into the graduate program, the applicant must:

  • 1. Complete all prerequisite courses with a minimum of "C" and a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all upper-division prerequisites with a minimum of "B" in HHS 401 and BIOL 341;
  • 2. Hold, or be eligible to hold, an acceptable baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by a regional accrediting association or have completed equivalent academic preparation as determined by an appropriate campus authority;
  • 3. Have attained a grade point average of at least 2.5 (A=4.0) in the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units attempted;
  • 4. Submit results of the General Aptitude Section of the Graduate Record Examination (quantitative, verbal, and analytical), taken within the past 5 years;
  • 5. Provide academic and personal references as required;
  • 6. Provide documentation of personal experience in a variety of physical therapy settings; and
  • 7. Be recommended by the physical therapy faculty.
  • 8. All candidates whose preparatory education was principally in a language other than English must demonstrate competency in English. Refer to the CSULB Bulletin for requirements for completing the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

The master's degree program is a 60-unit, four semester plus one summer session, full-time course of study followed by an internship of 12 units. The course of study is most appropriate for graduates with degrees in related fields but does not exclude the person holding a baccalaureate degree in physical therapy. Course work is designed for entry-level professional study.

Advancement to Candidacy

  • 1. Classified graduate student status.
  • 2. Fulfillment of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).
  • 3. A minimum 3.0 grade-point average in all program graduate work as well as a minimum overall 3.0 in all graduate work attempted.
  • 4. Be recommended by a faculty sponsor.
  • 5. Enrollment in regular session.
  • 6. Satisfactory completion of at least one semester of the program.

Admittance to Clinical Practice

  • 1. Complete all requirements for the master's at the time of application to clinical practice.
  • 2. Successfully complete one of the following:
    • A. Research Thesis or Project (PT 698)
    • B. Directed Studies (PT 697) with faculty advisor guidance.
  • 3. If choice B (above) is selected, student must also successfully complete a comprehensive examination.

Internship Requirements

Take 12 units of the following which must be completed to be eligible to take the state examination for licensure:

  • PT 525 Clinical Internship I (3)
    Prerequisites: Completion of all requirements for the MPT degree.
  • PT 526 Clinical Internship II (3)
    Prerequisites: Completion of all requirements for the MPT degree.
  • PT 527 Clinical Internship III (3)
    Prerequisites: Completion of all requirements for the MPT degree.
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