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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog


Certificate Programs

The Department of Kinesiology offers two different certificate programs each of which is related to a special emphasis provided in the curriculum. All certificate programs are open to students enrolled in the University who meet general admission requirements as follows:

  • 1. Completion of 30 hours of course work;
  • 2. A minimum 2.75 GPA in all completed course work;
  • 3. Admission application and approval by a faculty committee in the certificate program selected.

Certificate in Wilderness Studies

Students may only pursue the certificate program in combination with a CSULB degree program.


  • 1. Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification (80 hours)
  • 2. Resume of Outdoor Experiences
  • 3. Coursework (27-29 units):

Take all of the following:

  • BIOL 100 Biology of the Human Environment (3)
    Prerequisites/Corequisites: One GE Foundation course.
  • KIN 242 Backpacking (2)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • KIN 244 Kayaking (2)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • KIN 246A Mountaineering (2)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • KIN 247A Techniques of Rockclimbing (2)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • KIN 448 Wilderness Studies: Leadership Practicum (3)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • KIN 489K Field Work in Physical Activity Settings - Fieldwork in Wilderness Studies (1‑3)
    Prerequisites: Completion of Kinesiology course requirements for the major option in which field work is taken. KIN 242, 244, 246 or 247, 243C or 245. Completion or corequisite of KIN 448, certification in CPR and First Aid, and consent of instructor.
  • REC 427 Legal Aspects of Leisure Services (3)
    Prerequisites: Upper division standing.

Select three of the following: KIN 243A, 243C, 245; REC 430

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