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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog


Department Information

Department Chair: Sharon R. Guthrie

Department Office: Health and Human Services (HHS) 2, Rm. 105

Telephone: (562) 985‑4051


Faculty: D. Margaret Costa, Jill A. Crussemeyer, James A. Davis, Keith W. Freesemann, Christine Galvan, Sharon R. Guthrie, Grant M. Hill, Kerrie Kauer, Jeff L. Kress, Barry W. Lavay, Mikiko Nakajima, Clayre K. Petray, Ralph Rozenek, Jan M. Schroeder, Emyr W. Williams, Alison M. Wrynn, Will Wu, Douglas E. Young

Department Coordinator: Stacia Ticer

Career Possibilities

Allied Health Professions Programs: Certified Athletic Trainer • Educator/Professor • Researcher • Certified Kinesiotherapist
Exercise Science and Fitness: Strength and Conditioning Coach • Educator/Professor • Researcher • Exercise Technician • Fitness Specialist • Exercise Physiologist • Exercise Specialist

Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE):

Physical Educator • Adapted Physical Education Specialist • Sport Coach • High School Athletic Administrator • Educator/Professor • Researcher
Sport Studies: Sport Coach • Educator/Professor • Researcher • Mental Training Consultant/Sport Psychologist • Sport Manager • College Athletic Administrator

(For more information, see Various entry-level trainee positions are available for graduates, regardless of academic discipline.


The mission of the Department of Kinesiology is to facilitate wellness among individuals through the study and application of human movement principles across the lifespan and through the management of and participation in physical activity, exercise, and sport. The Department serves the needs of students completing majors in other fields who find that certain aspects of kinesiology are important to professional objectives and personal interests.

Programs at a Glance

  • Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology in two options
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in four options
  • Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
  • Master of Arts in Kinesiology in five options
  • Master of Science in Kinesiology in four options
  • Single Subject Teaching Credential in Physical Education (K-12)
  • Single Subject Teaching Authorization in Adapted Physical Education (K-12)
  • Wilderness Studies Certificate
  • Kinesiotherapy Certificate

In addition to the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, the Major must meet the following Department policies and requirements for University graduation:

  • 1. Each major course and prerequisite course must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. A course in which a grade lower than a "C" is received must be retaken and successfully completed prior to enrolling in any other course for which it is a prerequisite;
  • 2. Upper-division courses may not be waived by substitution or examination without Department petition and approval;
  • 3. Department approval.
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Undergraduate Programs

Certificate Programs

Graduate Programs