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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog


Undergraduate Programs

Adapted Physical Education Specialist Credential

This program is designed for students interested in the administration and implementation of physical activity programs for persons with disabilities in K-12 schools. Completion of this program results in the Adapted Physical Education added authorization for holders of a current Single Subject, Multiple Subject, or Education Specialist basic teaching credential.


1. Bachelor's degree;

2. Concurrent enrollment in or completion of the Single Subject Physical Education teaching credential program or the Multiple Subject or Education Specialist teaching credential program;

3. Take the following courses:

  • KIN 320 Adapted Physical Education (3)
    Prerequisites: BIOL 208.
  • KIN 387 Physical Activities for the Disabled (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 320, 427. Corequisites: KIN 489A.
  • KIN 388 Program Planning and Instruction in Adapted Physical Education (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 387. Corequisites: KIN 489A.
  • KIN 427 Physical and Motor Assessment (3)
    Prerequisites: KIN 315 or equivalent and KIN 320 or equivalent; upper-division undergraduate or graduate standing; consent of instructor required for graduate students prior to registration.
  • KIN 489A Field Work in Physical Activity Settings (6)
    Prerequisites: Completion of Kinesiology course requirements for the major option in which field work is taken.
  • EDSP 350 Education of Exceptional Individuals (3)
    Prerequisites: None.

Select two courses from the following: ED P 405; EDSP 577, 578; KIN 526; LING 151.

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