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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog

Additional Admissions Information

Early Start Program

Beginning with the class of 2012, entering resident freshmen who are not proficient in math or "at risk" in English will need to start the remediation process before their first term. By 2014, all new freshmen students who have not demonstrated college-readiness in mathematics and English will need to begin work on becoming ready for college-level English before the start of their first term.

The goals of Early Start Program are to:

  • Better prepare students in math and English, before the fall semester of freshman year;
  • Add an important and timely assessment tool in preparing students for college; and
  • Improve students' chances of successful completion of a college degree.

For 2012, resident students would be required to participate in the Early Start Program if their ELM score is less than 50 and/or their EPT score is less than 138. Newly admitted freshman students who are required to complete Early Start will be notified of the requirement and options for completing the program as part of campus communications to newly admitted students.

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Additional Admissions Information